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It’s a technique used for creating openings, modifying or for MEP penetrations in concrete structures. The process of creating circular holes is known as coring. When horizontal or vertical cuts are made in structures, it is known as cutting.  It requires the use of various kinds of blades. At Rise & Shine, we provide safe, secure, reliable, and excellent quality workmanship in both coring and cutting solutions. We are capable of executing projects of any dimension. Our team has been providing diverse solutions in reinforced concrete for the construction industry in Qatar, and OMAN. We offer wall sawing, wire sawing, coring, and chemical anchoring services. Our team is trained by HILTI, who is the world’s leading manufacturer of sawing, coring, and drilling equipment. 

We are constantly updating our products, solutions and technology to ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best. We are pleased and proud to be associated and being capable of adding value to our list of clienteles.

Core Drilling

Core drilling is favoured by many contractors due to its reduced vibration and noise levels meaning work can be carried out with very little inconvenience to others in the environment (Offices, Hospitals, Airports or Domestic Properties). The work can be carried out wet therefore making it a fast and clean method of creating a perfectly formed hole ranging in size from 6mm up to 900mm in diameter.
The holes are drilled to your requirements, plus another financial benefit is that the labour required to carry out any making good is vastly reduced, as the structural integrity of the building/structure remains virtually untouched. Core drilling is carried out using either electric and hydraulic equipment. Both types of equipment can be fully self-sufficient. Should a power supply not be available on site, we can easily provide generators, and petrol or electric hydraulic power packs..

Wall Saws

Wallsaws solutions are used to cut reinforced concrete walls for a variety of applications such as openings for new ventilation ducts, windows, and doorways or just to reduce the height of existing walls.
We can also be used to cut floors where access for a conventional floor saw is restricted such as stairwells, or where the gradient is too great making it impossible to safely control a floor saw. This solution can be used either inside or outside and can cut to a depth of 725mm.
The wall saw is powered by a high frequency electric unit with remote controls for the cutting head enabling a single operator to safely and efficiently carry out the cutting from up to 10 metres away. ​

Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing is a versatile method of cutting where other methods are not practical such as cutting out mass concrete, removing plinths, bridges and staircases.
​ It can also be used to flush cut to existing walls. The big advantage of wire sawing is that there is basically no limit to the depth or shape that can be cut.

Re-Bar Detection:

We are specialist in Re-bar Detection service; this service is a non-destructive structural analysis to find locations of rebar or hollow cores in concrete. We can provide full reports to building owners and engineers to show location of rebar, size, cover and spacing’s. Alternatively, we can mark the re-bar on the concrete to assist with concrete cutting and drilling. ​​ ​
Rise and Shine is an active member of FCIA (Fire stop Contractors International Association), Rise and Shine is certified for quality management as per ISO – 9001:2008. Rise and Shine and HILTI work together as a partner to provide the best service in the fire stop applications to their esteemed clients.

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