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Fire Stopping

A form of passive protection used to seal around openings and between joints in a fire-resistant-rated wall or floor assembly.

GRP Lining

An incredibly versatile and durable method of protection against corrosion, water leakage, chemical bunds etc.


Acoustic materials are used for noise reduction and noise absorption. It helps improve the soundproofing for a structure or a room.

Coring & Cutting

It is the process of sawing, drilling and removal of concrete. This technique helps in creating openings for wires, pipes, ventilation, or air conditioning vents to fit through.

Fire Proofing

It is a passive fire protection measure, referring to the act of making structures or materials more resistant to fire, or those materials themselves.

Thermal Insulation

It is used to decrease the rate at which heat is transferred from the interior to the exterior of a building and also to effectively manage thermal radiation.

Lamatherm insulation

It is a building safety solution where cavity barriers are designed within spaces to evade fire and other gases from spreading.

Combo Roofing

It is a multilayer comprehensive roofing system comprising of waterproofing, thermal insulation and finishing for the roof.

Chemical Anchoring

Chemical anchoring is a technique for fastening to concrete and similar substrates that provides more flexibility than mechanical anchoring.

Expansion Joint Cover

Expansion Joint Cover is a cover or a covering system that protects the structural gap designed to accommodate the movement of the building in a controlled to prevent damages to the building finishes.

Who We Are?

Rise and Shine aims to protect the lives of people.

Rise and Shine Technical Services has successfully completed 10 Years in Oman. Fire and weather always remain a substantial risk to any property, place, or structure. With the changing times and the possibility of a hazardous situation occurring, it is extremely vital to safeguard any and every space and structure. As a leading and specialized construction service provider in the Middle East, we at Rise and Shine Technical Services LLC Oman which is part of the global conglomerate Rise and Shine aim to protect the lives of people and also help evade the possibility of any mishaps. Through our expert professionals, knowledge, and technology, we provide you with an all-encompassing list of certified Fire Stopping, Fire Proofing, GRP Lining, Thermal Insulation, Coring & Cutting, Polyurethane foam, Epoxy & PU floor coatings, and Acoustics services in OMAN. We bring you the latest products and solutions that are ISO certified and also hold the authorization provided by the Civil Defense. As an active member of the Firestop Contractors International Association, our quality management is guaranteed by HILTI as well.

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Salalah Airport

Ras al marqas oil park

Muscat Airport

Jindal Shadeed

Sur Infrastructure

Oman Botanical Garden

Outward Bound Mountain Centre

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Rise and Shine is an active member of FCIA (Fire stop Contractors International Association), Rise and Shine is certified for quality management as per ISO – 9001:2008. Rise and Shine and HILTI work together as a partner to provide the best service in the fire stop applications to their esteemed clients.

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