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Firestopping is a part of the passive fire protection system that involves the practise of reinstating fire compartmentation and barriers that have been penetrated. A comprehensive fire-stopping set-up includes components like mortars, silicone, firestop pillows, mineral fibres, and rubber compounds. Rise & Shine is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 certified organisation in all the countries where it has its presence. The company is accredited with NFCA & FM approvals with 9 DRIs (Designated Responsible Individual) and has been approved by civil defence and various other authorities across the region. Through well-documented, organized, and professional expertise, Rise and Shine also helps take care of all firestopping requirements of any given structure. We employ a highly qualified adequate team of firestop inspectors under one roof that helps to maintain fire-stopping following the listing, approval use, and compliance with various building and structural code requirements. Whether it’s fire and life safety for multi-story buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, or other structures, we comply and deliver end-to-end fire-stopping solutions.

What is Firestopping?

Firestopping solutions are used, in combination with a various range of materials and components, to seal joints, openings and penetrations in fire rated resistance walls, or floor systems. Firestops are implemented to restore the fire resistance rating and maintain the fire resistance qualities of such passive fire protection systems, reducing the spread of fire and filling the penetrations with fire resistant methods and products. Unprotected openings in fire separations make your fire resistance wall obsolete in terms of fire resistance rating, and ultimately provide fire an unimpeded route to spread and damage your assets. Structures are built with fire rated resistance walls, barriers, partitions and floors which allows fire compartmentation of the building. However, joints between penetrations or entrances in passive fire protection systems can nullify the security they were implemented to make. RISE & SHINE firestopping solutions are devised and built as vital parts to passive fire protection. We can provide you an extensive line of fire protection items sealants, intumescents, gadgets and shaping material to legitimately seal joints and entrances, guaranteeing the execution of the fire-fire rated passive fire protection system. RSIE & SHINE work with you and fire engineers to understand whether or not the penetrations in fire wall or floors will remain permanent fixtures. Some fire stopping penetrations can alter during renovations or retrofitting in your building and may require new electrical systems – which needs attention from experienced experts in maintaining your fire resistance rating and passive fire protection systems

What to look for

Fire rated wall, barrier, and floor opening types
Unprotected fire separations defuse the functionality and resistance rating of a passive fire protection.
  • Electrical through-penetrations
  • Mechanical through-penetrations
  • Structural through-penetrations
  • Re-entries of existing firestops
  • Unpenetrated openings (openings for future use for example)
  • Control or sway joints within fire-resistance rated wall or floor assemblies
  • Junctions between fire-resistance rated wall or floor assemblies
  • “Head-of-wall” (HOW) joints, where non-load bearing wall assemblies meet floor assemblies

Why is Firestopping critical to passive Fire Protection?

Insufficient firestopping of fire wall opening penetrations can allow fire to penetrate fire cells, while incorrect material selection or poor installation can severely reduce the fire resistance rating of the firestopping seal. Unprotected fire wall, barrier and fire resistance system penetrations provide one of the major contributing cause of the rapid, erratic spread of smoke and fire in your building. However, to ensure your facility, occupants and assets remain safe, fire stopping and fire sealing techniques can maintain your passive fire protection systems and reduce the severity of the impact of fire. Fire stopping pertains to several key elements for maintaining a passive fire protection system

Firestopping installation methods

RSIE & SHINE Fire Protection are your firestopping installation experts. Most fire- stopping products engage intumescent materials that, when exposed to heat, expand to fill any cavities in the fire wall, barrier or floor opening penetration. Usually, these products include fire-stop mortar, caulk, putty sticks, blocks and pillows.

The two basic types of Penetrations are:

  • A through penetration is a hole made in a fire-rated wall or floor to run pipes, cables or any type of building service, completely through from one side of the fire barrier to the other
  • A membrane penetration is a hole in one side of a fire-rated wall or floor for a single surface-barrier penetration. (i.e., an electrical outlet/switch box).

Firestop mortar and caulk are semi-permanent products and are generally applied to the penetration with a hand-held caulk gun while mortar products are applied with a trowel. Firestopping putty sticks are moulded around the cables, conduit and pipes that penetrate the fire-resistant system. Fire-stop blocks and pillows that contain intumescent material can also be installed, stacked and formed to fit into large opening penetrations. Where a cable tray finishes at the wall and a conduit sleeve penetrates the wall to offer a path for cables, RSIE & SHINE will implement a fire stop around the conduit penetration and seal the conduit body with fire-stopping material

RISE & SHINE also have the expertise, tools and resources to replace damaged firestopping systems and maintain firestopping regulations and compliance procedures for all installations.

Fire stop Systems

  • Firestop block and plug – designed for retrofitted cables
  • Firestop foam – seal pipe and cable penetrations, from small to medium sized applications.
  • Firestop cast-in and sleeve – specially designed for pipe penetrations through fire-rated floors
  • Firestop coatings systems, cushions and mortars – combustible and non- combustible pipe and insulation materials, to firestop penetration seals.
  • Firestop cable protection – cable protection to reduce flame damage
  • Firestop sealants & sprays – firestopping solutions for walls and joints between floors and walls.
  • Firestop collars, wraps and bandages – protect all of your piping penetrations
Rise and Shine is an active member of FCIA (Fire stop Contractors International Association), Rise and Shine is certified for quality management as per ISO – 9001:2008. Rise and Shine and HILTI work together as a partner to provide the best service in the fire stop applications to their esteemed clients.

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